Release 1.3.4 - 23 July 2023 Release 1.3.4 - 23 July 2023

Release 1.3.4 - 23 July 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Enhancements to Momentum notifications, & more!


Version 1.3.4 will be available from Sunday 23rd, July 2023

Release - 1.3.4

Changes ✨

AR-3222: Reporting permission improvements

We've made a few changes to the reports to improve usability for users with reporting access in multiple tenancies.

  • Past reports, presets and scheduled reports will only be displayed for your current tenancy.
  • Removed the option to download and upload presets as they were tied to specific tenancies.

AR-3990: Momentum - Momentum confirmation message

After receiving feedback, it became apparent that users were unsure when/if their application was submitted. To address this, we have implemented a popup in the bottom right corner when a user submits a form. 

You can configure this message within the Form Builder → Form Node → Momentum Confirmation Message.


AR-4021: Momentum - in-system notification for assigned applications

A new notification has been added to the notification bell. This notification will inform users and supervisors when an application is assigned to them.

AR-4043: Ability to add Momentum application name to emails as placeholder field

Added a new placeholder in momentum emails for the Momentum Application Name.  

AR-3995: Clarity on failed reports

Reports will now show a failed status in past reports when they cannot run—no more pesky infinite spinners.

AR-4276: User Report - support completed date filters for external learning

The date filters for User Reports now also work for External Learning completion dates. Cool, right?

AR-4285 Login deep-link functionality and external catalogue API login URL

Added support for the external catalogue API to provide deep-link SSO URLs to the content. 

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3992: Deleted content in progress and content completion reports causes exceptions

Fixed various reports that previously resulted in an error when the "Run Report Again" button was used while filtering for content that has since been deleted.

AR-4096: Momentum WYSIWYG is not displaying links correctly

Fixed hyperlinks not being styled as hyperlinks in the following areas:

  • Description
  • Application Description
  • Application Instruction

AR-4099: Catalogue crashing when Capability filters ID not found

We have resolved a problem that caused the catalogue to crash when attempting to access it through a link that included non-existent capabilities.

AR-4174: Workflow is not sending the reminder emails but is sending expiry

Fixed a problem that prevented workflows from sending reminder emails to learners who had re-enrolled before their expiration.

AR-4237: All Capability Assessment Badges - awarded if capabilities do not exist

Fixed an issue that was awarding Capability Assessment badges to Learners where the tenancy did not yet have any capabilities. 

AR-4241: Copying courses with subcourse activities does not work

Fixed an issue that would cause a copied course to be broken if the original course contained a subcourse activity. 

AR-4277: CPD Points - carryover in external learning is not correct

Fixed inconsistencies with CPD Point totals not adding up correctly for points awarded in external learnings. 

AR-4290: Capability - adding/removing interest does not show until refresh

You no longer have to refresh the page to see if adding or removing an interest capability has gone through!

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