Release 1.3.6 - 20 August 2023 Release 1.3.6 - 20 August 2023

Release 1.3.6 - 20 August 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Momentum updates with new activity, reporting filters & form restrictions!

Version 1.3.6 will be available from Sunday 20th, August 2023


Release - 1.3.6

What's New! 🎊 

This release has a few enhancements to Momentum, all highlighted in What's New. 

AR-3989: Momentum - Form/Node Visibility

You can now restrict the node visibility on form nodes to hide or unhide certain forms for users. Great for workflows where you need to hide certain sections of your workflow. You also have options on the message that is displayed to users who don't have access to the form. 

How do I access the visibility settings?

  1. As a Momentum admin, navigate to the Momentum builder
  2. Turn on editing mode and open up the editing window of a form node
  3. Scroll down and turn on Toggle Visibility Settings
  4. You will then be able to select User Constants on who is allowed to see this form (e.g., employee, supervisor, finance, etc)

AR-4022: Momentum - User Fields in Reporting

We've added support to Momentum reporting to allow you to add and filter by user fields. 

AR-4291: Momentum - Momentum activity

A new course activity is available. The Momentum activity will, and the learner can be marked as complete once they have reached the end of the Momentum workflow.

Changes ✨

AR-3933: Add two decimal places to CPD Points

Added support for CPD Points to have two decimal places (previously, it was just one).

AR-4308: CPD Overflow Indicator

We have improved the Training History Summary export for learners by providing more details on CPD points earned due to carry-over from previous years.

AR-4152: Add indicator to email enrolees to show only the current tenant is included

We've updated the help text when emailing enrolees to inform you that the email only targets users in the current tenant.

AR-4194: Assignment completion after file upload

If you want an assignment activity to be completed automatically after the learner uploads a document, you can now!

A new completion criteria option is available: "Users must make a submission". This option will mark the activity as completed when the learner uploads a file.

AR-4199: Enforced pagination for External Catalogue API

The catalogue API has been updated to require pagination, which limits the number of content pieces that can be retrieved at once to a maximum of 100. This change is to reduce the likely hood of API requests timing out.

Old External Catalogue API (Version 1)

  • Still available and no changes here.
  • The perPage and page number params are optional (If you are not using these, the API request may time out) 

New External Catalogue API (version 1.1)

  • The perPage and page number params are now required.


Find out more about the External Catalogue API. Learn More →

AR-4279: Full raw SCORM logs export

Added support to download a full raw SCORM logs export. This export will export the detailed SCORM export for all users and all attempts.

AR-4386: Reporting Officer - User Report content visibility

When a reporting officer runs a User Report they can now see content completions for learners based on the content they have permission for. Previously, a Reporting Officer would see no content completions. 

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-4172: Can't request a refund on a cancelled session

Fixed an issue where learners could not request a refund on a session they paid for if it had been cancelled. 

AR-4303: Improve error when file upload exceeds upload limit or maximum number of files

Improved the help text when receiving an error when you have exceeded an upload limit.

AR-4330: Removing the wrong interest capability

Fixed an issue causing the wrong interest capability to be removed when trying to remove an interest capability.

AR-4350: Capability level on first creation

Sometimes when admins were making a new capability, the proficiency levels would not load properly. Now, the proficiency levels for the new capability will load as intended.

AR-4351: Create a scheduled report preset selector same name

Fixed an issue when creating a schedule report and selecting between two presets with the same name.

AR-4426: Including supervisors in the report with an apostrophe caused reports to error

Previously, filtering reports by a supervisor with an apostrophe in their name would result in an error. Filtering on supervisors with an apostrophe will no longer cause the report to crash.

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-4485: User Accounts API missing user fields

Fixed errors for the User Accounts API when certain custom user field types on user profiles were left empty.

AR-4470: Supervisor reports failing to run

Fixed an issue that was causing Supervisor reports to fail.

AR-4463: Bulk assigning capabilities to courses error

Fixed an issue where the link between capabilities and courses was not established correctly when attempting to assign capabilities to multiple courses from the Capabilities Dashboard.

AR-4458: Capability Assessment error from templates

Fixed an issue that was causing capability assessments to error if the capability library was from a template.

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  • Darijo Tanfara

    AR-4291 Momentum - Momentum activity looks exciting -  good job!

    Darijo Tanfara
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    Thanks Darijo!

    We appreciate it!

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