Release 1.3.7 - 3 September 2023 Release 1.3.7 - 3 September 2023

Release 1.3.7 - 3 September 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Changes to Reporting Officers, Acorn as Partnered Content & More!

Version 1.3.7 will be available from Sunday 3rd, September 2023


Release - 1.3.7

What's New 🎊

AR-3608: Acorn as Partnered Content

We're excited to announce a new integration in the Integrations Hub! With Acorn as Partnered, it is now easier to collaborate and share content between Acorn instances. You can either act as a content provider, like Go1 or LinkedIn Learning or receive content from another Acorn instance.

Contact us to learn more! Contact Us.

Changes ✨

AR-4071: Reporting Officers to report on public user fields

We're changing how Reporting Officers can see/filter by user fields. This will give administrators more control over what user fields and data are accessible to Reporting Officers.

⚠️ Reporting Officers can only view/report on public custom user fields. Find out more on how to manage your custom user fields. Read more →

AR-3991: Momentum - File constants

Momentum now supports the use of files as constants. This means you can upload static files and attach them to emails.

AR-4117: Prevent Forum and Wiki activities from being selected as completion criteria

Forums and Wikis no longer appear as completion criteria on courses because they do not have a completion status. This change ensures that only relevant activities with completion criteria are listed.

AR-4296: Widget typography and icon consistency

Made a few tweaks to the widget text, alignment and icons to make them more consistent.

AR-4310: Sorting self-registration requests to display the newest first by default

Self-registration requests are now automatically sorted by date, with the newest requests appearing at the top of the list.

AR-4445: Support NZD for Stripe payments

The New Zealand Dollar is now supported in Payments using a Stripe payment method.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-4086: Reporting - empty data field

Fixed an issue where in some circumstances, multiple "empty" options were appearing on a pivot on a reporting chart.

AR-4220: Image widget with a link clicks when dragging in editing mode

We now prevent being able to accidentally click into a link on an image block widget whilst in edit mode.

AR-4290: Capability Modal - interest adding does not show

Previously, when an interest capability was removed, the list of interest capabilities was not updating until the page was refreshed. However, now the list of interest capabilities will automatically update without needing a page refresh.

AR-4468: Render HTML in text block widget and auto-style hyperlinks

Fixed an issue where text block widgets were not correctly displaying HTML and were not formatting hyperlinks as clickable links.

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-4530: Discount codes not working for shared or open content

There was an issue with discount codes not being accepted for shared or open content. This has now been fixed.

AR:4581: Large page activities load times

When accessing a course with content-heavy page activities (such as large videos and images) or a course with multiple page activities, all pages would pre-load before the user viewed them. This meant that sometimes a course would take a long time to load. 

Instead, pages now only load their content when the learner goes to view the page. 

AR-4584: Unable to register if Payment Whitelist

Fixed an issue that was preventing learners from registering/enrolling on to content if the learner was part of a cohort with the Payment Whitelist feature. 

AR-4632: Unable to delete Momentum activity

Fixed an issue that was preventing Momentum activities from being deleted.

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