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Manually handle tax rates for your payments and currencies. Manual Tax Rates are one of our tax methods to allow you to create and manage tax rates for your payments on learning content. With Manual Tax Rates, you can

  • Easily set up a tax rate and quickly apply it to payments & content.
  • Learners will see tax charges during their checkout process and on their receipt.
  • Report on sales taxes with the payment report.


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Create a Manual Tax Rate

Apply a tax method to a Payment

Removing a Manual Tax Rate



It's always best to consult with your local tax authorities or a professional for accurate tax rates, filing, and remittance. This will help ensure tax obligations and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Create a Manual Tax Rate

  1. From the Admin menu, navigate to the Payments Dashboard.
  2. Under Manage Payments, go to the Tax Settings.
  3. Scroll to the Manual Tax Rates section and click Create New Manual Tax Rate.
  4. Here, you can configure your manual tax rates with the following details:
      • Name — Friendly name of your Manual Tax. This will be displayed when setting a tax method on your payments. This is only visible to administrators.
      • Tax Type —The sales tax type should be specified as VAT, GST, or Other (customisable by administrators). Learners will see the tax type on the checkout page and their receipts.
      • Tax Rate — The tax rate charged to the learners. 
      • Price Includes Tax — Able to set whether the payment amount will be inclusive or exclusive of tax.
      • Additional Notes — Any additional notes or comments about the tax. This is only visible to Administrators.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You have now created a manual tax rate! The next thing you can do is apply a tax method to your payments.


Apply a tax method to a Payment

  1. From the Admin menu, navigate to the Payments Dashboard.
  2. Create or edit an existing payment.
  3. Select the tax method for payment under "Select Tax Method".
  4. Click Create or Update Payment.


Once this payment is applied to content, Learners can see the tax on their checkout. 


Removing a Manual Tax Rate

  1. First, ensure that the manual tax rate is not currently applied to any payments
      • Remove this tax method from any payments.
  2. Click on the Bin icon to delete the tax rate. 
  3. You have successfully removed a manual tax rate!
  • Removing a manual tax rate will not affect receipts or the payment report for historic transactions where a learner paid that tax. 
  • You can re-create the tax rate if you want to start charging that amount of tax again.



How does the inclusion or exclusion of tax into pricing affect the amount a learner will pay?

The Price Includes Tax setting allows you to control whether you are adding tax on top of the price of the content or choosing to factor tax into the price of the content. 

Typically, it's best to align this setting with the cultural norms of the location where you sell your content. For instance, in the United States, it is customary to add tax on top of the final price; in Australia, the price usually already includes tax.


Payment Amount (Subtotal)

Tax Rate Tax

Learner Pays (Total Due)

Price Includes Tax (Yes)  $120 10%  $10.91 $120
Price Includes Tax (No)  $120 10%  $12 $132
Price includes/excludes tax example


Is it possible for Manual Tax to apply multi-line tax charges?

Manual Tax only applies one tax charge, so you cannot break down taxes by jurisdiction (e.g., state, county, province, etc). If you require a more robust tax solution, check out our integration with Avalara AvaTax. Below is an example of a multi-line tax charge.


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