Avalara AvaTax integration guide Avalara AvaTax integration guide

Avalara AvaTax integration guide

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Avalara AvaTax for Acorn 

Avalara AvaTax is a cloud-based solution automating transaction tax calculations and the tax filing process. Avalara provides real-time tax calculation using tax content from more than 12,000 US taxing jurisdictions and over 200 countries, insuring your transaction tax is calculated based on the most current tax rules.

This guide can assist you in setting up Avalara AvaTax for Acorn.

Generate a Licence key in Avalara A-Check-RGB.png

You'll first have to generate or retrieve your existing licence key in Avalara to get started. This key will then be added in Acorn. Generate a Licence key in Avalara

There is one license key for all business applications associated with your account. When you use a license key to connect a business application to AvaTax, generating a new license key breaks the connection to all applications. To restore the connection, enter the new license key in the AvaTax settings for each business application.


Setup the integration between Acorn and Avalara

All of the following steps should be completed within Acorn.

Connect and configure AvaTax

Once you have your AvaTax licence key, you will need to 

  1. From the Admin menu, navigate to the Integrations Hub.
  2. Find the Avalara app from the integrations hub and expand it to see the app details (tip: search for Avalara or filter by the Tax category to find it).
  3. Click Create Tax Integration. If you cannot create an integration, contact our Customer Team.
  4. The Create Avalara Integration window will appear. First, fill in the following details: 
    • Integration Name - Friendly name of your integration. This will be displayed when setting a tax on your payments. (only visible to administrators)
    • Username or Account ID - The username or account ID provided by Avalara.
    • Password or Licence Key - The password or licence key provided by Avalara when generating a licence key.
    • Use Sandbox Environment - Recommended to enable this when testing the integration. *Requires an Avalara Sandbox account. Learn the difference between Avalara's Production vs Sandbox
  5. Click Load Companies. This will validate your Username and Licence key with Avalara, and if successful, then your companies registered in Avalara will be listed.
    1. Select the Company you want to use for transaction calculation and recording.
    2. Select the Company Location you want to use for transaction calculation and recording.
  6. The next two settings are optional
    • Disable Documents - If Disable Documents is checked, then transactions will NOT be recorded in Avalara. Use this option to calculate tax without recording documents to AvaTax.

      The integration will calculate tax and record documents to the AvaTax account if unchecked.

    • Enable Logging - All API requests with the integration will be logged if enabled. Used for any technical troubleshooting. We recommend enabling only when instructed by support.
  7. Click Save.

Add Tax to your Payments

  1. From the Admin menu, navigate to the Payments Dashboard.
  2. Create or edit an existing payment.
  3. Under Select Tax Method, select your Avalara integration.
  4. Click Save.

Apply this payment to the content as you normally would, and learners will then get the right tax based on their billing information. 

Assign an AvaTax Tax Code to content

When adding payments to content, there will be a field to enter an Avalara Tax Code.

enter avatax code.png

Find the tax codes for your goods and services with Avalara. Avalara Tax Codes


How to remove your Avalara integration

To remove your Avalara integration, you will 

  1. First, ensure the integration is applied to 0 payments. Remove the Tax Method from use on all Payments. You can find where the tax method is used by clicking the number in the Applied column.
  2. Once the tax integration is no longer in use, the bin Icon will be accessible. Click on the bin to remove the integration


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