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The latest release, version 1.4.0, will be available starting October 8th, 2023 and includes significant updates to our forms. We have introduced a new form builder and various new question types, as well as the ability to create form templates.

You'll be able to use these new forms for the following:

  • Feedback forms
  • Session registration forms
  • Momentum

Your existing feedback, session and momentum forms are now legacy forms. This won't prevent them from being used and reported on but may impact your ability to update them. 

Let's take a quick look at the difference between the new and old form

New form:

Old form:

New Form Builder

Form Templates

New Question Types

We have both familiar and new question types available for you.

  • Text (Single line)
  • Text (multiple line)
  • File Upload NEW
  • Date Picker
  • Duration
  • Cost NEW
  • Percentage
  • Star Rating (renamed from Rating)
  • Radio (renamed from Radio Option)
  • Checkbox (renamed from Multiple Choice)
  • True/False NEW
  • Numeric NEW
  • Likert Scale NEW
  • Dropdown (renamed from Single Choice)
  • CPD Points NEW
  • User Select NEW
  • Matching NEW
  • Signature NEW
  • Instructional Text (renamed from Content)


What happens with legacy forms?

Legacy forms are any feedback, session registration or Momentum form created before the release 1.4.0. 

Our current goal is to have new forms available for the types of forms that we have in the system (such as quizzes and external training forms). Once we're happy with the state of the new forms we would look at a timeline for fully phasing out legacy forms. 


Limitations of legacy forms

You can still use the existing legacy session registration, feedback, and momentum forms as they are. Users can fill them out, and you can report on them. However, you may lose the ability to create update and edit questions on these forms.


Legacy feedback & session registration forms

Legacy feedback & session registration forms are created before the 1.4.0 release. 

What can you do mceclip5.png

  • Learners can still start and complete legacy feedback & session registration forms.
  • Reporting on legacy feedback is now accessible from the Legacy Form Report.
  • Viewing responses on legacy feedback or session registration forms are still available.
  • Singular legacy feedback or session registration forms can be updated to the new form, but feedback forms from a template group (from activity bank) cannot.

What can't you do mceclip6.png

  • Create legacy feedback & session forms, including feedback forms in the activity bank.
  • You cannot edit legacy feedback & session registration form questions.
  • Cannot convert a legacy form from the activity bank to a new form.
  • Feedback forms from the activity bank cannot be updated to new forms.


Legacy Momentum forms

Legacy Momentum forms are created before the 1.4.0 release. 

Let's look at what you can and can't do with Legacy Momentum forms, as they function slightly differently from feedback and session forms.

What can you do mceclip5.png

  • Learners can start and complete legacy Momentum forms.
  • Momentum form questions added, edited and updated by administrators on existing Momentum forms.
  • Administrators can create, update, or delete constants for legacy form fields.

What can't you do mceclip6.png

  • Administrators cannot create legacy form nodes.
  • Administrators cannot update legacy Momentum forms to the new form. New Momentum forms will have to be created manually.


External learning forms

There have been no updates to the external learning forms, and all functionality remains the same.



There have been no quiz updates, and all functionality remains the same.


Update legacy form

Updating a legacy form is only available for feedback and session registration forms.

You will notice a new Update Form button on your old forms where you would edit the form. This will allow you to update your form to a new one and then make edits as required. This will update a form, existing questions and responses to the new form.

How to update a legacy form?

  1. Edit an existing form
    • Edit an activity for a feedback form or
    • Edit a session for session registration forms
  2. Scroll down and click Update Form
  3. This will update the existing questions and responses to the new format. Depending on the length of the form and the number of responses, it may take a moment.
  4. Your form has been updated! 
    • You can now edit the form and view submissions.

Afterwards, use the Form Report to view all your submissions. Oh, and make sure to use the regular Form Report, not the Legacy one!

Update Form.gif


Legacy Form Report

There are two ways to access responses to legacy sessions and feedback forms.

  • The view responses button on the form itself
  • The Legacy Form Report


Any Questions? 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here to help!

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