How to Create a Reporting Officer How to Create a Reporting Officer

How to Create a Reporting Officer

Geordie Yang Geordie Yang

Creating a Reporting Officer

This article will guide Admin's through the process of creating a reporting officer. A reporting officer is a designated user that has the ability to generate reports on users within specified cohorts, and specified content.

1. Admin > Reporting > Reporting Officer.

2023-10-16 13.48.52.gif

2. Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 1.50.55 PM.png > Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 1.51.48 PM.png > Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 9.06.18 AM.png.

2023-10-17 09.05.33.gif

3. Select Reportable Content > Select Report Access > Create Reporting Officer.


There are three main settings for Reporting Officers:

Reportable Content: 

  • All: Grants the reporting officer access to report on all content within the system.
  • Specified Content: The types of content the reporting officer can report on are determined on the Reporting Officers page. You MUST specify what content the Reporting officer can manage. Do this by selecting "Manage Reportable Content" after creating the Reporting officer.

2023-10-17 09.54.28.gif

Reporting Access/Types:

  • All: Grants the reporting officer permission to execute all available system reports.
  • Limited Reports: The reporting officer is limited to running only certain predefined reports.

Cohort Restriction:

  • Data Relevance: Not all data is pertinent to all situations. Focusing on a specific cohort can provide more targeted and relevant insights. For instance, if you're assessing the effectiveness of a training program introduced to a certain department, you'd want to focus on that department's results rather than the entire organization's.

A 'Reports' tab will now appear next to the Catalogue.

2023-10-17 10.23.14.gif


You have now created a Reporting Officer :)

In essence, a reporting officer can have varying levels of access and permissions, from full access to all content and report types to more restricted settings based on an organization's needs.





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