Release 1.4.2 - 5 November 2023 Release 1.4.2 - 5 November 2023

Release 1.4.2 - 5 November 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Email Workflow based on enrolments and completions, reporting on form templates, & more!

Version 1.4.2 will be available from Sunday 05th, November 2023

Release -  1.4.2

What's New! šŸŽŠ

AR-4414 | Email Workflow

We are excited to introduce a new workflow type: Email. The Email Workflow allows you to easily communicate with users, facilitators, supervisors, and other stakeholders. With this feature, you can send emails based on enrolment or completion of courses or live learning sessions.

  • Configure notifications to go to the user, facilitators, supervisor & more!
  • Send emails based on enrolment or completion of courses or live learnings. 
  • Automatically send completion certificates as an attachment. Say goodbye to the hassle of telling people to log in and download the certificate, and hello to extra time to enjoy your day!

Changes āœØ

AR-4677 | Avalara AvaTax - support for Entity Use Code

Added support for entity use codes for those using Avalara.

  • This allows you to associate an address with an entity code.
  • When a user has the related address as their billing address, the entity code will be factored into Avalara tax calculations.

You can conveniently handle your entity use codes by accessing the Integrations Hub and the Avalara integration.

AR-4475 | Form Template Report

The Form Report now supports the option to select a template for the reporting. This will enable you to generate reports at the template level and across multiple courses, live learnings, and sessions simultaneously.

AR-4796 | Removed home and calendar titles

We have removed the titles from the homepage and calendar as they were unnecessary duplicates of the header links at the top of the page.

AR-4413 | Cohort Restrictions on Additional Content Types

We've extended cohort restrictions to all forms of content. The following content types now support cohort restrictions. 

  • Videos
  • Resources
  • Pages

Bug Fixes šŸž

AR-4175 | External Learning - start and completion times not showing in the training history

Fixed an issue where sometimes external learning starts and completions were not displayed in the training history.

AR-4374 | Capability assessment campaign admins can't delete cohorts

Fixed an issue preventing cohorts from being removed during an assessment campaign setup on the last step.

AR-4400 | Fix click out-date picker not closing

Fixed an issue causing problems when clicking outside the element when trying to close a date field.

AR-4473 | Stored images in WYSIWYG - upload vs drag and drop

When dragging and dropping images into a WYSIWYG editor, the image would not be uploaded properly (such as course description). Files and images will now upload correctly if the file was uploaded through drag and drop.

AR-4587 | Withdrawals not logging in live learning logs

Withdrawals were not logged when a user was marked as did not attend.

AR-4651 | Incorrect finish date in Momentum

Fixed a bug causing some Momentum applications to show an incorrect finish date. 

AR-4815 | US date format is still based on the timezone

Fixed an issue where US date formats would still be displayed based on timezone even if you didn't want US date formats.

AR-4816 | Manual tax only allows integers

Added support for manual tax rates to go up to 3 decimal places. Who knew we'd have to deal with fractions of sales tax? But hey, if Missouri can have a sales tax rate of 4.225%, we've got to be ready for anything, right?

AR-4826 | Activity prerequisite saved badly

Fixed issues when saving activity prerequisites.

AR-4845 | Session fields aren't fetched from the correct tenancy when the user is a cross-tenancy

Fixed an issue where sometimes custom session fields on a session would not save details if the live learning were shared with other tenancies.

AR-4883 | Cohort filters not showing cohorts for reporting officers

Fixed an issue where some reporting officers could not see any cohorts to filter by.

Hot Fixes šŸ› ļø

AR-5041 | Form Template fields are lost

Fixed an issue when using a Form Template on an activity, session or in Momentum; all fields would be stripped from the template.

AR-5068 | Form Template dependencies are lost

Fixed an issue when using Form Template on an activity, session or in Momentum; all dependencies would be stripped from the template form.

AR-5067 | Discount table error on sort or search

Fixed an issue that was causing the discounts page to grey screen when you tried to sort or search the discounts table.

AR-5052 | Partnered content completion syncs fail

Fixed an issue causing partnered content completion syncs to fail for Percipio and Acorn partnered content types.

AR-5047 | Duration filter in catalogue returns incorrect content

Fixed an issue where applying the "Less than 30 minutes" duration filter in the catalogue resulted in content with 2+ hour durations.

AR-5025 | Session registration forms show up as blank

Fixed an issue where session registration forms would show up as blank.


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  • Darijo Tanfara

    AR-4414 | Email Workflow. Will greatly improve notifications.Ā 

    Can/will this new feature be available in Momentum?

    Keep up the good work! This product is getting better every release :)


    Darijo Tanfara
  • Theo Lionis

    Hey Darijo, thanks for giving us your feedback! We really appreciate it. It's awesome to hear that you're liking our product more with every new release.

    About your question, right now it's just for enrolments and completions on courses and live learnings. Momentum already has ways to email certain audiences, but who is the target audience for the Momentum notification you are seeking?

    Thanks again for your support!

    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo