Release 1.4.3 - 19 Nov 2023 Release 1.4.3 - 19 Nov 2023

Release 1.4.3 - 19 Nov 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Notify feedback and live learning dates!

Version 1.4.3 will be available from Sunday 19th, November 2023

Release - 1.4.3

Changes ✨

AR-4930 | Configure the time when feedback is sent post-completion

Sending a feedback survey after a training event is important, especially if some time has passed since the learner completed the training. It provides insights into the effectiveness of the training, gives time for the learners to put their teachings into practice and allows learners to reflect on their experiences.

We now offer the ability to configure when a feedback form is sent to learners upon completion of the content. 

This was an idea suggested by the community

AR-4406 | Start & end date setting for live learning

Live learnings now have start and end date settings, similar to courses. This allows you to set when learners students cannot view or register into the live learning.

AR-4610 | Copy a Program

Added support to copy a program. 

AR-5061 | Slider Widget - Light hyperlink text

The Read More Link text was hard to read with dark backgrounds, so we've changed the link colour to match the text colour you selected on the slide.

AR-4972 | Detach form from template

If you want to make changes to a form that was created using a template, you can now do so easily.

Editing the form in this way will detach it from the template, which means any updates made to the template in the future won't affect this particular form. Additionally, responses to this form will also not be included in the template report.

This is useful if you want to customise a form to your own specific needs without worrying about changes being made to the original template.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3801 | Allows the selection of session registration approvers from other tenancies as long as they meet the approval requirement

Fixed a bug that prevented session approvers from being available to learners if the approver was from another tenant.

AR-4150 | Workflow Disable setting is misleading; change to private instead

Renamed the disable workflow setting to private. 

AR-4361 | Capability assigned to content

Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing the assigned content label not to appear when viewing a capability on a piece of content. 

AR-4525 | View feed doesn't load for large clients

Fixed an issue where the View feeds page would fail to load for larger client instances. 

AR-4611 | Unable to download CSV versions of large reports

Fixed an issue preventing large reports from being downloaded as a CSV. 

AR-4929 | Momentum missing data causing crashing errors

Improved the error handling on Momentum to prevent the Momentum builder from crashing if the workflow was incomplete. 

AR-5003 | Re-enrolment always available when opening activity prompt 

Fixed an issue where learners could re-enrol despite prevent re-enrolment setting being enabled by opening the re-enrolment activity prompt.

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5152 | Unable to view submission feedback for template forms

Fixed an issue preventing the feedback form report from loading if the form was from a template.

AR-5140 | Capability assessment improvements

Added support for HTML in the questions to allow for links to be displayed and improved logging of capability assessment.

AR-5106 | Error when viewing form responses via activity

Fixed an issue causing an error when you tried to view form responses via the activity.

AR-5093 | Confirm button invisible when denying session attendance

Fixed an issue that was causing the confirm button to be invisible when an approver tried to confirm that a user had been denied attendance for a session.

AR-5086 | Unable to edit workflow descriptions

Fixed an issue that was preventing workflow descriptions from being updated.

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