Release 1.4.6 - 14 January 2024 Release 1.4.6 - 14 January 2024

Release 1.4.6 - 14 January 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

New Help Center interactive helper, changes to update user password processes, and more!

Version 1.4.6 will be rolling out on all sites from Sunday 14th, January 2024

Release 1.4.6

What's New! 🎊

AR-5256 | Help Centre interactive helper

Administrators can now access the Help Centre directly within Acorn! An interactive helper is available to search for how-to guides, feature documentation, and release notes. It even provides contextual articles based on where in Acorn you are; for example, if you are creating a course, you will be recommended support guides on how to create a course. Additionally, you can view support articles in a new tab to read them in a full window.

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Changes ✨

AR-5060 | Cohorts in Content Completion Report

Added a new optional column in the Content Completion Report to show the user's cohorts. 

AR-5080 | Better Password reset emails and process

We have improved the UI of the password-changing process and made it simpler by removing reset password email triggers in certain situations.

  1. Users have the option to change their password while they are already logged in. This no longer requires the user to receive a reset password email first. 
  2. The "force password change" administrator function will direct and force the user to change their password when logged in. This no longer requires the user to receive a reset password email first.

The reason for the changes here is that it now allows users who might not be able to access their email inbox to log in to their account to change their password. However, the "Forgot your password?" and the "Reset password" administrator function will still send a reset password email to users. You can see the related Suggest an Idea post here Ability for administrators to force a password change upon login on screen - not via email

AR-5208 | Capability assessment - hide questions that are not answered in the assessment history

When viewing the capability assessment history, questions that the user did not answer will no longer be listed in the history.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-4376 | ID columns in payment report confusion

Fixed an issue displaying IDs for columns where the content should not have a related ID (e.g., courses with event IDs).

AR-4791 | Issue with Slider Text 'disappearing'

Fixed an issue where the side text on the slider widget would disappear on certain screen sizes.

AR-4927 | Payment refund table missing help popup for tax and discount details

fixed an issue causing the tax and discount details for refunds not to appear. 

AR-5188 | Session instructors can't mark attendance

Fixed an issue that prevented session instructors from marking session attendance. 

AR-5204 | Malformed activities prevent a course from loading

Fixed an issue that caused inaccessible courses due to misconfigured activities.

AR-5261 | External Learning Report - tab scrolling issue on windows

Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented you from side-scrolling on the external learning tabs on windows devices. 

AR-5268 | Breadcrumbs not displaying properly

Fixed an issue where sometimes breadcrumb links would not display the proper text on each breadcrumb.

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5372 | Image cropper zoom not working

Fixed an issue with the image cropper preventing zooming in or out on images (for example, when uploading an image for a course thumbnail).

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