Release 1.4.7 - 27 January 2024 Release 1.4.7 - 27 January 2024

Release 1.4.7 - 27 January 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

CPD management, Momentum creation & report support!

Version 1.4.7 will be rolling out on all sites from Saturday 27th, January 2024

Release - 1.4.7

What's New!  🎊

AR-4983 | Enable and customise the CPD feature

If you have the CPD feature enabled, you will be pleased to know that a new interface is now available to help you configure and manage your CPD settings. You can configure your categories and portfolios from here and manage what CPDs are available to your cohorts.

You can find this in the Admin panel under Tenancy Management > Manage CPD

Changes ✨

AR-4210 | Momentum Applications - Add a sortable option to the last updated column in pending and history

The tables for pending Momentum applications and history can now be sorted by the last updated column, making it easier for users to find recent updates.

AR-5150 | Form Report - Allow Momentum forms to be selected

The Form report now supports the ability to report on Momentum forms. This allows you to schedule and extract momentum data. 

AR-5185 | Momentum - Interfaces to create Momentum Admins

We've now added the ability for Momentum Admins to add other Momentum admins.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-4775 | Show suspended users toggle not working in Course Progress Report

Fixed a bug when trying to show suspended users in the Course Progress Report

AR-5030 | Momentum admins who are not regular can't report on custom user fields

Fixed a bug where Momentum admins could not view custom user fields within Momentum reporting when they were not also a Tenant or Acorn administrator.

AR-5154 | Capability Assessment - Survey history callback needs a default location

Fixed a bug causing the finish Capability Assessment survey to not be closable from the finish assessment button if they accessed the assessment in an unexpected way.

AR-5209 | Form builder - Accordion Group reorder not working

Fixed an issue in the builder that sometimes prevented the ability to reorder questions.

AR-5212 | Admin reset password requires hidden, required custom fields to be filled out

Fixed a bug for administrators that prevented them from triggering reset passwords for users if hidden custom fields were required.

AR-5215 | Slider widget blank slides crash the page

Fixed a bug causing blank slides on the slider widget to crash the page.

AR-5269 | Completion Report - Lingo Typo

Corrected a typo in the Completed Date Before filter for the content completion report.

AR-5281 | Assigned Capability tags colour wrong

Fixed an incorrect colour on the capability tag in a user's My Rating table.

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