Bulk Content Completion Upload Bulk Content Completion Upload

Bulk Content Completion Upload

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Bulk Uploading Completions


1. Proceed to Admin > Tenancy Management > Upload Content Completion.

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    • Download the content completion example CSV file. 
    • Upload the completed CSV file into the file drop on the upload content completion page.

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2. Fill in the fields using the template above.

Content Name - The title of the Course or Live Learning you are migrating, the content name will need to match the course or live learning

Content ID - Each course will have a Course ID, to find this you need to navigate to the course or live learning. You will find the course ID in the course URL, it will be the last digit(s) you see. Example: acornplms.com/view_course/6 <-- 6 would be the Course ID.

Content Type - Specify if you are adding the user's completion to a Course or Live Learning.

Username - Add the email of the user that has completed the course or live learning.

Content Completion Date - Add the completion date for the learner. Follow the format dd-mmm-yyyy, as seen in the example CSV.

Content Completion Time (optional) - Completion time attached to the user's completion. Time format set as HH:MM:SS.

Comments (Optional) - Add a blurb that is attached to the user's completion.


3. Upload Completions.

    • Clicking on 'Upload History will allow you to see the status of the upload, the time of upload, and upload type.

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