Release 1.4.9 - 25 February 2024 Release 1.4.9 - 25 February 2024

Release 1.4.9 - 25 February 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Bulk change Momentum assignees, improvements to the account merge & more!

Version 1.4.9 will be rolling out on all sites from Sunday 25th, February 2024

Release - 1.4.9


AR-5274 | Bulk change Momentum application assignee

Added a feature to the current assignee to another person in bulk.

AR-5346 | Account Merge - Add assignment and quiz activity data

Added a user's assignment and quiz activity data into the user account merge function, meaning it will carry across with account merges.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-5255 | External Learning - Deleted files prevent loading

Fixed an issue where a learner's external learning would not load in their training history if one of the external learning files had been deleted.

AR-5332 | Unable to reorder field options if there is a blank space on the field option

Fixed an issue in forms preventing the reorder of field options (say, the options in a multi-select field) if one of the options had a blank space at the end.

AR-5344 | New Form Report - Missing report settings cog and related features

Fixed an issue that prevented the settings cog (allows you to export the data as CSV, save as report templates, etc) from appearing for the Form Report.

AR-5345 | Completion certificates table not showing applied count

Fixed an issue when managing completion certificates; the count on how many courses or live learnings the certificate was applied to was blank.

AR-5378 | Broken special characters in email subjects

Fixed an issue that was causing special characters in email subject headers (such as "&") to show up as their HTML reference in the email (such as "&")

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