Create a Live Learning Session Registration Form

This article will take Admin's through the steps for creating a Live Learning Session Registration Form.

Registration forms can be used to collect useful information from users who are registering for a face-to-face or face-to-screen event. For example, you may be required to collect dietary information from users who are attending a face-to-face session.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 4.12.59 pm.png

1. Proceed to the Live Learning.

2. Click the Admin cog and select START EDITING.

3. If your session already exists, edit the session by clicking the pencil icon. If you are creating a new session, click CREATE SESSION.

4. Navigate to the Registration Form Enabled setting and click the toggle to enable the form.

5. Click EDIT FORM to create a new registration form from scratch. Alternatively, you can select a Template from the dropdown option below.

2024-02-29 13.43.41.gif

Click here to learn how to view registration form responses.

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