How to Create a Quiz Plus Activity How to Create a Quiz Plus Activity

How to Create a Quiz Plus Activity

Sally McEwan Sally McEwan

This article will guide you through creating a quiz activity using the new Quiz Plus


NOTE: A quiz activity must be created as an activity within a course or live learning. If you have not already created the course or live learning you want to apply the quiz to, you need to do so first by following one of these guides depending on if you are creating a Course or Live Learning.


Creating a quiz plus activity:

1. Navigate to a course or live learning via the catalogue and open it

2. Click on the cog menu button    Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 3.09.21 pm.png

3. Select 'Start Editing'

4. Click on 'Create Activity'  Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 3.13.37 pm.png

5. Under 'New Activity' select activity type as Quiz Plus

2024-03-06 15.32.49.gif

6. Enter a name and description

7. Click on the 'Edit Form' button

2024-03-06 15.55.17.gif

NOTE: You have to add at least one question to be able to save the activity. Further guidance for building the quiz will be published shortly.

9. Apply the settings you wish to set:

NOTE: These are not required fields, you do not have to set a start and end date or hide the quiz plus activity unless you want to use this level of restriction for this content

  • Start Date - Will determine when the quiz is open for users to access and complete it
  • End Date - Will determine when the quiz is closed so users can no longer access and complete it
  • Hidden to Users - Will make the quiz hidden from end users

10. By default the Course or Registration Completion Prerequisite should be set as 'Always available'. The other options in this setting will be explained further in a seperate guide which will be published shortly.

11. Set the Completion Criteria from the drop down options available (Mostly you will want 'Users must pass the quiz')

12. Click the 'Create Activity' button

2024-03-06 16.00.48.gif



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