Release 1.5.3 - 22 Apr 2024 Release 1.5.3 - 22 Apr 2024

Release 1.5.3 - 22 Apr 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

New Cohort Managers, bulk coupon purchasing and more!

Version 1.5.3 will be rolling out on all sites from Monday 22nd, April 2024

What's New! 🎊

AR-3183 | Cohort Manager

Cohort Management has been made easier with the introduction of Cohort Manager. This allows administrators to assign Cohort Managers to cohorts and give other user's control and reporting over a group of users.

Cohort Managers can do the following in this release:

  1. Approve session attendance
  2. Enrol or register users
  3. Run reports on users within their cohort

Coming soon features for the cohort managers

  1. Bulk purchase courses and live learnings for users in their cohort
  2. Manually invite users to their cohort
  3. Manually remove users from their cohort

To assign Cohort Managers to a cohort, administrators can edit the cohort and add one or more users as Cohort Managers for a particular cohort.

2024-04-22 11.26.54.gif

AR-5388 & AR-5594 | Coupon Purchasing

We're launching a new feature called coupon purchasing. This feature allows you to sell redeemable coupon codes to users for courses and live learning. With coupon purchasing, users can purchase in bulk and then share the code with team members who can redeem the code so they don't have to make the purchase themselves. This feature makes it easier for businesses to provide their teams with access to valuable learning resources and helps streamline the purchasing process.

2024-04-21 14.58.52.gif

Additionally, coupon buyers can track redemptions from their orders page. They can see who has redeemed the code and the status of their access to the content.

2024-04-22 10.36.07.gif

Changes ✨

AR-5074 | Content Overview Report - Extend to include shared/sharing content

Updated the content overview report to include shared content and what content is being shared with other tenants.

AR-5389 | Payment tenancy source

A new column called "Purchased in tenant" has been added to the payment report, which provides additional clarity on the buyer's corresponding tenant when they made a purchase. This feature is particularly beneficial when the buyer has access to multiple tenants. With this added column, it is now easier to identify the precise tenant the buyer was in at the moment of the purchase.

The payment report now has two tenant-related columns:

  1. Tenancy - The tenancy the user belongs to (i.e., their primary tenant).
  2. Purchased in tenant - The tenancy the user made their purchase from

AR-5574 | New capability supervisor widget - development plan progress

The new Supervisor Development Plan Progress Widget provides supervisors with increased visibility into their team members' development plan progress, allowing them to monitor and manage their team's growth and development effectively.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-5555 | Can't use enter to log in on the new login page

Fixed a bug where pressing enter on the login page would not proceed to logging in.


Version will be rolling out on Tuesday 23rd, April 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5688 | Checkout page crashing with 100% discount

Fixed an issue that was causing the checkout page to crash when a 100% discount was automatically applied.

AR-5690 | Checkout not loading for NAB payments

Fixed an issue that was preventing users from entering their payment details during checkout if the payment was going through the NAB payment gateway integration.


Version will be rolling out on Friday 26th, April 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5696 | Coupon Purchase Option Displayed on the Checkout Page

Fixed an issue where the coupon purchase option was visible even when it was disabled for all users.

AR-5686 | Error Generated by Form Template Report

Fixed an issue where the form template report generated an error when the 'Feedback Activity Form' had a 'Likert Scale' field.


Version will be rolling out on Wednesday 1st, May 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5713 | Supervisor role unable to continue in-progress capability assessments

Fixed an issue that was preventing users from returning to an already in-progress self-assessment and selecting a proficiency if they are supervisors.


Version will be rolling out on Saturday 4th, May 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5734 | Suspended users are not displayed in the report

Fixed an issue where, if the 'Show suspended users' option is enabled in the additional settings, they are not displayed in the 'Capability Assessment Gap Analysis Report'.

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