Release 1.5.4 - 05 May 2024 Release 1.5.4 - 05 May 2024

Release 1.5.4 - 05 May 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Volume Pricing, Momentum create user node and more!

Version 1.5.4 will be rolling out on all sites from Sunday 05th, May 2024

What's New! 🎊

AR-5457 | Payments - Volume Pricing

A new pricing model is now available for payments. The volume pricing system enables you to offer different prices for those who purchase in large quantities. This pricing model usually works on a sliding scale, where the more units you buy, the lower the cost per unit will be.

Although volume pricing applies to self-purchases, it's good to note that the unit quantity of a self-purchase will only be one. However, features like coupon purchasing can have more unit quantities in a person's order and benefit from the full potential of tiered pricing.

2024-04-30 11.01.16.gif

Let's take an example to understand how this works with the following pricing model.

Tiers From To Unit Price
Tier 1 1 10 $150
Tier 2 11 30 $120
Tier 3 31 50 $90
Tier 4 51 ∞ (infinite) $60

When purchasing a coupon for 40 units of a particular course, I am charged for the units based on the Tier 3 pricing range.

40 units x $90 = $3,600

My total checkout order would be $3,600 (excluding any tax configuration)

AR-5573 | Momentum node - create user

The create user node in Momentum workflow allows you to create a new user based on the details filled in from a form. You can map constants to user fields such as first name, last name, username and email. This streamlines the onboarding process as you no longer need to manually create users, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

For example, in a company's onboarding workflow, once a new employee's details are approved, the create user node can be triggered to automatically create their account in Acorn, reducing administrative tasks associated with creating users. 

Changes ✨

AR-5678 | Allow external catalogue to deep link

We improved the external catalogue to help the user navigate from navigating from a piece of content externally to returning to the content or activity after they have logged in/registered.

AR-5467 Capability widget - development plan progress

New widget for user dashboards to keep track of your development plan and progress. 

AR-5296 | Acorn to Acorn choose which integrations receive each content

For those using our Acorn-to-Acorn integration to share content, we now have a way to configure what content goes to which integration. Now, from the Acorn PLMs integration, you will find each of your connected destinations and the ability to manage advertised content for each one! 


AR-5437 | Option when updating SCORM activity to clear SCORM progress when updating the package

To reduce users getting stuck with progress when a module is updated, we've added a setting to the SCORM activity to delete old attempts when updating the activity. 

AR-5564 | Error when updating page activities

Fixed an issue that was preventing changes from saving on page activities. 

AR-5566 | Account Merge error with quiz plus attempts

Fixed an issue that was causing an error with account merges where users had quiz attempts. 

AR-5600 | Fix edge case form migration issues

Fixed an error that was preventing some old forms from being updated to the new form. 

AR-5612 | Using API filters causes error

Fixed an error on the completions API when using the content filter of 'resource'.


Version will be rolling out on Saturday 11th, May 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5789 | Calendar export not functioning

Fixed an issue where users could not perform calendar exports and we have now included a currency display in the export for sessions with payments.

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