1.5.5, 1.5.6 - Round Up 1.5.5, 1.5.6 - Round Up

1.5.5, 1.5.6 - Round Up

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Content Licensing, group training purchase and more!

Note: this article provides a helpful roundup of the latest changes introduced in the last two releases.
  • Version 1.5.5 available on all sites from Sunday 19th, May 2024
  • Version 1.5.6 available on all sites from Sunday 02, Jun 2024

Release 1.5.5

What's New! 🎊

AR-5333 | Content Licencing

Now, you can offer a subscription-style service to sell various courses. This way, you can sell courses under a license. You have the flexibility to design various levels of content licenses, each offering a unique range of content. You can choose the license duration, whether for 30 days, six months, one year, or even indefinitely. Upon expiration, users lose access to the courses but retain their progress. Renewing the license allows users to continue from where they left off.

Many ways to sell content

Content licencing works with existing payments, allowing you to sell in multiple ways. By using payments on courses and content licences, you can give learners the flexibility to choose between buying individual courses or buying a licence to gain access to a suite of courses!


The power of Cohort Managers to manage licensing

Give external businesses, teams, HR managers, or partners the ability to manage Content Licensing for their users. Cohort Managers can purchase licenses in bulk and assign them to their members. This is beneficial because it removes barriers for learners to access the content that's important to them without worry. 

AR-5300 | Group Purchasing

New bulk purchasing option called Group Purchasing. With Group Purchasing, Supervisors and Cohort Managers can now make purchases on behalf of their users.

This new feature streamlines the purchasing process by allowing managers to procure content licenses for their team members, providing a centralised and efficient way to manage purchases for a group of users. 

Changes ✨

AR-5391 | Cohort - Ability for Learners to request to join a cohort

Users can now request to join a cohort. When a learner requests to join, the request will be sent to the cohort managers of the group.

To enable this feature, you need to turn on the setting that allows users to request to join the cohort.

2024-06-11 10.40.43.gif

AR-5393 | Cohort Manager - Invite users to cohort

Cohort Managers can invite users to their cohort. This gives cohort managers greater control over the members of their cohort.


Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5902 | Custom content fields are displayed incorrectly

Fixed an issue where custom content fields were displayed as [object Object] on the course details page.

AR-5900 | Issue on 'Manage cohort' page

Fixed an issue where the cohort management page displayed odd behaviour.

AR-5603 | 'Partnered content' filter is not functioning on the 'Add Capabilities to Content' page

Fixed an issue where the admin could not filter the content type by 'Partnered Content' when adding capabilities to content.

AR-5908 | Placeholders displayed in 'Request to Join' cohort manager email

Fixed an issue where, when a user requests to join a cohort, the email sent to the cohort manager displays the user's first name, last name, and cohort name as placeholders.

AR-5907 | External checkout crashes

We fixed an issue where the external checkout page crashes when purchasing content on the external catalogue.

AR-5905 | Cohort restriction functionality crashed

Fixed an issue where configuring the cohort restriction with many cohorts caused the cohort selector to crash.

AR-5721 | Cohorts not displayed correctly in multiple places, including reporting

Fixed issues where the reporting officer, cohort manager, and supervisor roles could not select cohorts when generating reports, and the cohort filter was not available for users, including course facilitators enrolling users.

AR-5918 | Scroller issue on mobile login page

Fixed an issue where the scroller was not functioning correctly on the login page in Mobile view.

AR-5906 | Tax invoice not available

Fixed an issue where the tax invoice was unavailable and displayed a server error when the payment used 'Bambora' payment integration.

AR-5897 | Auto-enrol subcourse still displays purchase button

Fixed an issue where if an admin sets up a course with a subcourse activity and uses the auto-enrolment and bypass payment options, the user can be enrolled in the course but still see the purchase option.

AR-5888 | Removing cohort licenses when admin removes a user from a cohort 

Fixed an issue where, when an admin removes a user from a cohort, any assigned cohort license should no longer be accessible.

AR-5731 | Refund requests are not tenancy bound

Fixed an issue where the ‘Recent Refund Requests’ widget and the ‘Refund Request’ page displayed refund requests from all tenancies.


Release 1.5.6

Changes ✨

AR-5680 | Tenancy specific registration page for existing users creates a tenancy swap

Added support for users to register themselves into multiple tenants if the tenants have self-registration enabled. When a user registers in multiple tenants, a tenancy swap is added to the user. 

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-5691 | Coupons cannot be purchased when a 100% automatic discount is applied - BPOINT only

AR-5956 | Course Progress report fails when filtering out a large number of user fields

Fixed an issue that was causing the course progress report to fail to generate when filtering out lost of user fields.

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-5718 | Large courses timeout when being copied

Fixed an issue causing the 'copy course' function to timeout when copying large courses.

AR-5935 | Report generation failed for reporting officers with large user cohorts

Fixed an issue where report generation failed when the reporting officer generated a report for a cohort with a large number of users.

AR-5917 | Custom content fields no longer render HTML correctly

Fixed an issue where user input containing HTML tags was not rendered correctly in the custom content field.

AR-5691 | Checkout page crashes when 100% automatic discounts are applied

Fixed an issue preventing coupon purchases with a 100% discount auto-applied at checkout. This occurred only with BPOINT payment integration. 

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