How to Setup a External Catalogue How to Setup a External Catalogue

How to Setup a External Catalogue

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By leveraging the external catalogue, you can enhance user engagement, streamline the registration and purchasing process, and use it as a powerful marketing tool to attract and convert new users. Follow the steps below to setup your site's external catalogue.


This guide can assist you in setting up the External Catalogue on Acorn.

How to Enable the External Catalogue

1. Navigate to Admin > Tenancy Management > Browse & Update Features > Features.

    • If you don't see 'External Catalogue' under 'Features', please contact support to enable the external dashboard.
    • Make sure you are enabling the external catalogue in the correct tenancy.
    • If you have multiple tenancies you will need to enable the external catalogue in each tenancy

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How to Find the External Catalogue URL

1. Navigate to Admin > Tenancy Management > Update Tenancy > Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 12.00.12 PM.png.

    • The External Catalogue link is at the bottom of the 'Update Tenancies' page,
    • Attach this to your site's URL ----> /external/catalogue?tenancyId=1
    • The URL is Tenancy specific. 

2024-06-11 13.17.13.gif


How to Customize the External Catalogue

  • We can change what is visible in the external catalogue by hiding or unhiding content.
  • For detailed instructions, refer to this help article on Content Visibility. 
  • All visible content will be displayed in the external catalogue.


Use Cases for the External Catalogue:

1. Pre-Registration Browsing:

    • Allows potential users to explore your catalogue before registering on your site, providing them with an overview of available offerings.

2. Customer Engagement and Conversion:

    • Customers can view the catalogue, make a purchase, and then gain a login, streamlining the process from interest to acquisition.

3. Marketing Tool:

    • Use the external catalogue as a marketing tool to attract new users. Displaying your offerings publicly can drive traffic and interest, leading to increased registrations and sales.

4. Enhanced Accessibility:

    • Makes your content more accessible to users who might want to explore available resources without the barrier of account creation initially.

5. Improved User Experience:

    • Providing an external catalogue can improve user experience by offering a transparent view of what your platform offers, helping users make informed decisions about engaging with your services.



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