1.5.7 - 16 June 2024 1.5.7 - 16 June 2024

1.5.7 - 16 June 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Exciting update with sections, passwords, and timers for Quiz Plus!

Version 1.5.7 will be rolling out on all sites from Sunday 16th, June 2024

Changes ✨

AR-5620 | Quiz Plus - Sections

Quiz Plus now has sections to allow you to group questions and shuffle them within a section. You can add sections in from the other.

You can find sections in the questions list when managing your Quiz Plus.

2024-06-12 11.59.01.gif

AR-5662 | Quiz Plus - Passwords

You can now set passwords for your quizzes to restrict access in Quiz Plus. This allows you to secure your quizzes and ensure that only intended users can access them by entering the correct password. This is a great way to control who can take the quiz and protect the integrity of your assessments.

You'll find the option to set a Quiz Plus password in the settings of the Manage Quiz. 

2024-06-12 12.13.23.gif

AR-5732 | Quiz Plus - Timers

Quiz Plus now supports timers, which allow you to set a specific time limit in minutes for users to complete the quiz. Once the timer runs out, the user's attempt will be automatically submitted. This fantastic addition adds time constraints to assessments and ensures that the quiz is completed within a designated time frame.

You'll find the option to set a Quiz Plus timer in the settings of the Manage Quiz. 

AR-5609 | Add view responses button to view activity

We've added a shortcut to view the responses to a form and quiz directly on the activity. 

AR-5571 | Momentum Node - Assign a user to a cohort

A new option is now available in Momentum to assign users to a cohort. This feature enables workflows where users can be placed into a specific group at the end of a business process.

AR-5572 | Momentum Node - Change owner

A new Momentum node allows changing the owner of an application. This enables workflows where the original owner is not yet assigned, and the owner can be assigned later in the process.

Bug fixes 🐞

AR-5859 | Incorrect details for tax-exempt users

Fixed an issue causing users to be shown incorrect details on their order and invoice. It still displayed as if there was tax, though the total amount was correct. This only affected tax-exempt cohort users.


Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-6018 | Character '&' displayed as '&amp' on content title

Fixed an issue where the character '&' was displayed as '&amp' in the course title.

AR-5969 | Content images not loading correctly on external catalogue cards

Fixed an issue where the content images were not loading correctly on the external catalogue cards when using the Safari browser.


Version will be rolling out on Tuesday 18th, June 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-6041 | Missing 'View Submissions' button for form templates and live learning sessions

Fixed an issue where the 'View Submissions' button was not displayed when editing form templates and live learning sessions with a session registration form.

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