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A 'Free' label option for the price field to show in the catalogue and on the course page

Regan M Regan M Gathering Feedback

We would like the option to display 'Free' in the price field for the courses that we do not charge for in our e-commerce focused tenancy.

Regan M
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  • Megan C-S

    This would be great as a filter as well in the catalogue. Would allow users to look specifically at free content where budget allowances may be tight

    Megan C-S
  • Daniel Jordan

    Hi Regan and Megan, 

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    I would recommend adding some information relating to the course cost in the course description. This can be viewed by users as they preview the course in the catalogue.

    Regarding a filter, I would adding a tag to content that would allows users to filter by "Free". You can also generate a specific link to the catalogue with filters applied to assist users. With the link, you could create a link or image block on the dashboard to make it easily accessible.

    Let me know if you have any questions with the above!

    Kind regards, 


    Daniel Jordan
    Director of Customer SuccessAcorn Logo
  • Regan M

    Thanks Daniel!

    We are already using tags and we generally include information about it being free in the course description too. A free or $0 label would put that information in the catalogue view for people, so the course tiles would more consistently display cost information (particularly important for those just having a browse or computing in a way where they can't read the 'Free course' text on the course tile due to it being an image). Clicking the course tiles for a preview is not always that instinctive for people, unfortunately.

    This isn't critical for us, especially internally, but I thought it would be a good feature for our external tenancy.


    Regan M

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