How to Assign and Unassign User Roles How to Assign and Unassign User Roles

How to Assign and Unassign User Roles

Geordie Yang Geordie Yang

Assigning user roles effectively on Acorn is pivotal for ensuring structured access, efficient workflow, and data security. In this article, we will explore the significance of this process and provide a step-by-step guide on how to execute it. If you're unfamiliar with the user roles in the system, please read this article. 


1. Proceed to Admin > User Management > Assign Roles 

2023-08-22 15.45.08.gifThe assign roles page will display all of the roles you can assign (i.e. the roles with the same permission level as your own and lower).

2. To assign a role to a user(s), select the Screen_Shot_2022-03-28_at_4.50.46_pm.png icon.

3. To un-assign a role to a user(s), select the Screen_Shot_2022-03-28_at_4.54.22_pm.png icon.

4. Now, select the user(s) you are (un)assigning by ticking the boxes adjacent to the user(s).


5. Once the user(s) are selected, click CONFIRM_icon.png at the bottom righthand corner of the page and you'll have successfully (un)assigned user roles!


Why Assigning Roles is Important

  1. Efficient Distribution of Workload: By designating different roles to different users, admins can spread and balance the admin workload among managers, content creators, and instructors. This ensures that tasks and responsibilities are shared.

  2. Tailored Access: Different roles provide varying levels of access, ensuring that users can only make changes appropriate to their role, which maintains the integrity and security of the content.

  3. Flexibility & Autonomy: Assigning roles empowers individuals within their specified limits, giving them the flexibility and autonomy to efficiently fulfill their duties without constantly seeking permissions.



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