How to Configure a Resource Activity How to Configure a Resource Activity

How to Configure a Resource Activity

Robert Hossack Robert Hossack

Creating a Resource Activity

This article will teach you how to configure a Resource activity.

1. Within a Course or Live Learning, add a new activity or update an existing Resource.

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2. Select 'Resource' from the Activity Type dropdown menu, and complete the following:

  • Resource Name - Enter the title of the Resource.
  • Resource Description - Describe the format of the resource file(s) being uploaded. Accepted file formats are PDF files, JPEG, PNG or GIF image files and MP4, WebM or Ogg video files. Non-supported file types can still be uploaded, but cannot be viewed in the browser. Users will need to download them in order to view them.
  • Show description on Course page - Configure the optional toggle button to prevent the resource description from displaying in the Course view page (directly below the resource name). The default setting (blue button) is to display the resource description.
  • Files - Drag and drop them onto the Create a New Activity page in the designated area, or click the Browse Files button in the middle of the page. Click on the file images in the same area to remove them.
  • Hidden to Users (Visibility) - Configure the optional toggle button to hide an activity. A hidden activity is not visible to users, and is used to restrict access to certain material to administrators and facilitators. The default setting (white button) is to not hide an activity.
  • Icon (optional) - Click the SELECT ICON button to choose a simple icon to appear adjacent to the activity name in the Course view page. Click the CHANGE ICON button to change it, or click directly on the icon to remove it.
  • Previous Course Completion Prerequisite - Configure the optional toggle button to require the user to have completed this course previously to be allowed access to this activity. This is useful for refresher training, that might allow users a shorter version of the content if they have done the training before. The default setting (white button) is not to require the Course to have been completed prior.
  • Activity Prerequisites (optional) - Click the ADD PREREQUISITE button repeatedly to define if All or Any of the selected activities must be completed before this activity can be accessed by users. If a prerequisite is hidden to a user for any reason, they will not be required to complete it before accessing this activity.
  • Completion Criteria - Select one of the following three activity completion criteria before this activity can be marked as completed: Users must view all files in this activity; Users must manually mark themselves complete for the activity (regardless of having viewing any or all of the fi les); or Disable activity completion if there is no requirement to mark off this activity as completed.

3. Click the CREATE ACTIVITY button at the bottom of the page.


You have now successfully configured a Resource activity!


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