How to Edit and Manage a Workflow How to Edit and Manage a Workflow

How to Edit and Manage a Workflow

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Editing a Workflow

This article will teach Admin how to edit a Workflow. If you would like to know how to create a Workflow, please read this article. For understanding what each Workflow achieves, see this article.

1. Proceed to Admin > Workflows.

2. To Edit the Workflow > Click Screen_Shot_2022-04-07_at_11.25.36_am.png > Update the Workflow Settings > Click Screen_Shot_2022-04-20_at_11.22.38_am.png.

2023-09-11 10.22.52.gif

For more information on each of the Workflows, please read "How to Create a Workflow".


3. To Disable a Workflow:

  • Turn the toggle on under 'Disabled'.
  • To View disabled Workflows, turn on the 'Show Disabled' toggle.

2023-09-11 10.34.23.gif

Note: Disabling a workflow will prevent it from being applied. It will not remove it from content where it has already been applied.


4. View Content a Workflow has been applied to:

  • click the number under the 'Applied' column.

5. Delete a Workflow:

  • click the Screen_Shot_2022-04-07_at_11.25.55_am.png icon. 

2023-09-11 11.17.13.gif

Note: You cannot delete a workflow that has already been applied to content.


You have now successfully edited and managed a Workflow!

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