Create a New Tenancy Create a New Tenancy

Create a New Tenancy

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This article will guide Admin's through the process of creating a new tenancy. The ability to create new tenancies is only available to Acorn Administrators.

1. Navigate to the Admin menu by clicking Admin.

2. Select Tenancy Management from the dropdown list.

3. Click Create a New Tenancy.

2023-12-27 14.42.09.gif

4. Enter the following details:

  • Tenancy Name - Enter the name of the new tenancy.
  • Home Slider - The home slider widget is a slideshow that displays an image, with a small amount of text. Click 'Add Slide' to include multiple slides. If you do not want a home slider on the home page, click 'Remove Slide'.
  • Home Links - The home links are included on the home page and will allow for users to navigate to a specific URL. Click 'Add Link' to include more links on the home page. If you do not want a link on the home page, click 'Remove Link'. 
  • Support Contact Name - Enter the name of the support contact for the tenancy. This is the main point of contact for users who require support for the LMS. 
  • Support Contact Email - Enter the email address of the Support Contact.
  • Support Contact Link - Enter a support contact link if you want users to access support via a website instead of contacting the email address. 
  • Tenancy Colours - Update the Primary, Secondary, Light and Dark tenancy colours as required. The colours can be selected by entering the relevant HEX or RGB code.
  • Tenancy Language - Set the default language for all users within the tenancy. Users have the ability to change their preferred language via their My Learning profile. Click here to see what languages are available.
  • Tenancy Logo - Drag and drop, or browse your files to upload an image. Use the slider to select the portion of the image you wish to display. The image will be cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:9. Click on the image to remove the current logo.

5.  Click Create Tenancy at the bottom of the page. A popup window will confirm the tenancy creation.

2023-12-27 14.50.22.gif

You have now successfully created a new tenancy on your Acorn PLMS site. 

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