Setup Capability Framework Setup Capability Framework

Setup Capability Framework

Mounika Vukkadam Mounika Vukkadam

The capability framework tool allows you to create a capability framework and map capabilities to content.


If you are unable to see the 'Capability dashboard' in your admin dashboard, Please contact support to add the Capability feature to your tenancy.


Once the capability feature is turned on for the tenancy, You will be able to see the 'Capability dashboard'.


To access the capability dashboard, navigate to Admin> Cabaility dashboard.





The Capability Library Dashboard looks similar to the picture shown below before the Capability Library has been set up.




You can set up your Capability Library using Capability Sets, Capabilities, and Proficiency Levels. You can also use the available templates to speed up this process.


This guide helps admins set up the capability Framework:


1. Once you are in the Capability Library Dashboard, you can start by taking a tour by clicking on 'Take Tour' which shows you a welcome note as below.




2. To setup the Capability library Click on 'Set Up Capability Library'. You can Select a 'Capability Library Template' in the dropdown or you can select 'Proceed without a template' in the dropdown options to add your own Capability Sets, Capabilities, and Proficiency Levels.

Select the 'Capability Library Template and click 'Next'.




3. You can edit the Capability sets on the 'Edit Capability Sets' page by clicking on 'ADD CAPABILITY SET'. After adding the Capability sets click 'Next'



4. Now you are on the 'Edit Capabilities' page where you can add new capabilities to the capability sets you set up in the previous step.

   a. Click on 'ADD CAPABILTY' and then select the 'Capability set'.

   b. Type the 'Capability Name' and 'Description'.

   c. Enable the Proficiency levels that you want to add to the Capability and 'Save'.

5. Once complete, click Next to review your Capability Library.

6. You can use the Back buttons to make any changes. After Reviewing the Capability Library, click 'Done' to return to the Dashboard. Your Capability Library will not become visible to users until you click 'Launch Capability Library' on the Dashboard.


Note: The 'Launch Capability Library' Button is only available after you 'Add Capabilities to Content' and Map Capabilities to your organisational cohorts.


Once the Capability framework had been Launched, you can see that the capability library dashboard gets updated with the statics. This is divided into 2 parts:



a. Left side has the 'Capability Library Report'. This reports on the following capability data:

  • User Head Count- 'User head count' shows the number of total active users present in the tenancy. Note: This excludes the suspended users.
  • Cohorts with Capabilities- 'Cohorts with Capabilities' shows the 'number of cohorts that have capabilities assigned to them' to the 'total number of cohorts in the tenancy'.
  • Users with Capabilities- 'Users with Capabilities' shows 'the number of users who have capabilities assigned to them' to 'the number of total users in Tenancy'. The 'number of users who have capabilities assigned to them' only includes the capabilities that are in 'assigned capabilities' which are assigned by admins and doesn't include the Interest capabilities which users/admins assign to users.
  • LMS Content with Capabilities- 'LMS Content with Capabilities' shows the total number of LMS content that has capabilities assigned to them. This content includes Courses, Live Learnings, Videos, Resources, and Partnered content.
  • Capability Distribution pie chart- This pie chart represents the number of Employees with capabilities and the number of Employees without capabilities in the tenancy.

b. Right side has the Manage Capability Library Options as follows:


Admins can assign capabilities to cohorts and Admins can also add capabilities to content.

Admins and Users can add capabilities of their interest in the ‘Interest Capabilities’ section by following this guide.

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