1.0.27 - 03/10/2022 1.0.27 - 03/10/2022

1.0.27 - 03/10/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.0.27 released Monday 3rd October 2022

Updates to Pages, new Emails and more!

Hi folks, We are making a few changes to our patch notes. This will make our patch notes a longer read, but it will give you a better explanation as to what is changing or being fixed. 


AR-3093 File compression on images in Widgets

Previously, if you used an Image Widget or a Slider Widget, any images uploaded will be the full original size (using a 4k image would take a while to load for some users). Now images will be compressed in size to improve the load speeds of Dashboards

AR-3082 New Email - Registration Confirmed With Payment

This email is for sessions that have a payment and an Approval Workflow. Once a user is approved to attend the session, they will receive this email to finalise their payment

You can find this email in the Email Templates under Live Learning Emails

AR-3081 New Email - Request Pending Confirmation

This email is for sessions that have an Approval Workflow. When a user requests to attend a session, they receive an email instructing them that their registration is pending approval.

You can find this email in the Email Templates under Live Learning Emails

AR-3075 End Date filters in Reports will now include data for the chosen day

Before, when you ran a report with date range filters, the "Date Before" would mean before that day. For example, if you had a date range filter of 01/01/2022 - 26/09/2022 it would only include data from the 01/01/2022 - 25/09/2022

Now it will include the end date in the data range. It will be 01/01/2022 - 26/09/2022





This change is for all reports with a date range filter such as the User Report and Content Completion Report

AR-3074 Some quality of life improvements to the admin interface of Pages:

  • For those who have a lot of pages, we've added a search function
  • Added an edit button so you can start editing a page without having to view the page first
  • Pagination has been added

AR-3014 Replaced proficiency level chip with capability chip on content view pages

Previously when viewing capabilities and proficiencies in content, there would be a chip for every proficiency level selected

Now it will only say the capability itself and users can click on the eye to see specifically what proficiencies are assigned to the content






AR-2955 Added a Delete All button to SCORM Access Logs.

The days of deleting each SCORM attempt one by one are over. You can now delete them all at once if you need to reset everyone's progress on a SCORM module


AR-2907 Pages can now be shared between tenancies

As part of our Content Sharing feature, you can now share pages with other tenancies



Bug Fixes

AR-3099 Improved accessibility on forms when tabbing through questions

AR-3043 Fixed an issue where users could not download a file that was uploaded in a File upload field in Momentum

AR-3039 Fixed an issue where session registration and withdrawal log events didn't record if the session is in the past


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