Bulk Upload for Content Completions Bulk Upload for Content Completions

Bulk Upload for Content Completions

Mounika Vukkadam Mounika Vukkadam


Admins can now bulk upload content completions for Courses and live learnings. Here's the guide to Bulk upload content completion:

1. Navigate to Tenancy Management> Upload Content Completion.

2. You can click on 'Download example CSV' to get the correct format for the file. The Content Type can be either Course or Live Learning.



3. a. The upload must include the Content Name, Content ID, Content Type, Username, Content Completion Date(format for Content Completion Date is YYYY-MM-DD), Content Completion Time(format for Content Completion Time is HH:MM:SS), and Comments columns.

b. If you want to add completions to existing content, provide the Content Name, Content ID and Content Type. The completion will be added to the content that matches all three.

c. If you want to create new content, leave the Content ID field empty. This will create a new content. This new content will be empty and set as deactivated so as to not appear in the main catalogue. It will then mark the user as complete in the newly created content and will appear in the user's training history.

4. Once the CSV is filled as required, You can drop/ upload the file and click on 'Upload Users from CSV'.

5. You have now successfully bulk uploaded the Content Completions!

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