1.2.0 - 19/02/2023 1.2.0 - 19/02/2023

1.2.0 - 19/02/2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.2.0 will be available from Sunday 19th, February 2023

Release - 1.2.0

What's New! 🎊

AR-3096 Capability Assessment — Read More!

New feature Capability Assessment! Capability Assessment is a structured and standardised framework for evaluating the capabilities and competencies of job seekers and your current employees. Capability assessments are carried out regularly—rather than intermittently—to find your workforce's strengths and capability gaps.

You can use the information gained from your assessment to define an action plan, such as potential training opportunities for closing capability gaps and building focus for capability development programs.



Changes ✨

AR-3390: Added ability to de-select content types from filters in the catalogue

Thanks to the awesome suggestions from our Community, we've now made it possible to deselect everything at once simply by clicking on the top-level filter!


AR-3444: Legend for image download of the new reporting charts

We have added the legend section of the report in the image download. 


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3182: Error opening SCORM activities from the Activity Bank

Fixed an issue that was preventing SCORM activities from opening from the Activity Bank. SCORM activities can be opened from the Activity Bank.

AR-3290: Compliance Widget - Styling Issue

The compliance widget would sometimes get cut off depending on the length of the program names. The widget will now always display in full. 

AR-3372: Scheduled report breaking prevents others from running

When a schedule report failed to run for any reason it would then prevent other schedule reports from running. 

AR-3388: Course/Live Learning Prerequisite now updates when the content's name is changed

When a Course or Live Learning had its name changed the new name would not flow through to other content where it was a prerequisite. The prerequisite content name will now always match the name of the content. 

Another highlight from the Community!

AR-3409: Spacing between dates on new reporting charts

Sometimes when running a new report there was no spacing between the dates along the bottom of the chart. We've now fixed the issue where there was no space between the dates along the bottom of the chart.

AR-3465: Polling for the Past Reports page

How frustrating was it when you had to keep hitting that refresh button just to see if your report was done? We feel your pain! But have no fear, because now you can view your reports without any annoying delays - no refresh button needed!


AR-3518: Creating or copying session registration forms now correctly includes field dependencies

When copying a session, the registration form field dependencies would not persist on the copied form. The copied form will now have the correct field dependencies. 

AR-3567: Minimum capacity emails fail to send

The minimum capacity email would sometimes be a bit fussy about when it would send, causing some headaches for facilitators. We've sorted out the schedule so it's more consistent and you can count on that email to always come through.

AR-3579: Time-restricted content filtered via status in the catalogue

Content that was time-restricted was a little hard to find in the catalogue for administrators. Now, you can use the hidden filter to find the time-restricted content.


Hotfixes 🛠

AR-3663: Momentum File Upload error

Fixed an issue that was resulting in issues when uploading files to a Momentum Application.

AR-3735: Missing Percipio Content in Catalogue

A change in language properties on Percipio content caused the content to not sync to the Catalogue. We added support to the change in language properties so the content will now sync again to the Catalogue. 

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