1.2.2 - 19/03/2023 1.2.2 - 19/03/2023

1.2.2 - 19/03/2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.2.2 will be available from Sunday 19th, March 2023

Release - 1.2.2

What's new! 🎊

AR-3674: New CPD Report

For those using the CPD feature, You can now generate a CPD report that provides a summary of the points earned by your users within a specified timeframe.



Changes ✨

AR-3118: Reenable the back button for preset and saved reports

To enhance the user experience, we've incorporated a "Back to Settings" feature for Past Reports or Report Presets, enabling you to modify your choices and filters and rerun the report promptly.

AR-3389: Separate Prevent Unenrolment and Re-enrolment Options

The toggle for Unenrolment and Re-enrolment on courses has been split into two toggles separate toggles. This will allow Administrators and Facilitators more niche use cases around enrolments.

This change was from feedback from the community: Separate the “prevent unenrolment” and the “prevent reenrolment” options within Courses

AR-3495: Add an excel option to the user and completion bulk uploads

Bulk user or completion uploads can be a source of significant frustration for Administrators, particularly when it comes to formatting their data to align with the template and even more so with date formatting. Administrators would frequently encounter issues when working with data in Excel and saving it as a CSV, as the formatting may inadvertently change. This often leads to errors when attempting to upload the file.

We've added support for uploading Excel files directly to the bulk uploads to try and alleviate the pain of formatting changes. 

AR-3500: American Date Formats

Acorn LMS can now detect your device's date display preferences and display any date in the LMS as your preferred format, whether DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY.

AR-3502: EOI checkbox on the session update form

The Expression of Interest checkbox has been included in the session update form, enabling Admins and Facilitators to activate or deactivate expressions of interest for a session they have already created.

AR-3599: Momentum - Remove the Clear Form button

We decided to give the Clear Form button the boot from Momentum Applications. Hardly anyone knew what it was there for, so we had to let it go and find its true purpose in life. We wish it all the best in its future endeavours.

AR-3692: Prevent Facilitators from creating or deleting Tags and Categories

A Facilitator could accidentally delete a Tag or Category that other Facilitators or Admins were using. To fix this, we've added a new permission level to Facilitators to prevent them from deleting Tags and Categories. Only Acorn Administrators and Tenancy Administrators can now delete Tags and Categories.

AR-3702: Activity creation in the correct section position

When copying or creating a new activity sometimes it would appear in a random position rather than at the bottom of the rest of the activities in that section. We've improved the consistency so new activities will always appear at the bottom of the section.

AR-3767: Form Grouping - Styling Margin

Added some CSS padding to Form Grouping to improve the look and feel of Grouped Form Fields.


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-2361: UI Bug when Emailing Course Enrollees or Session Registrants

Fixed a small UI bug when adding recipients to the email when emailing course enrollees or session registrants.

AR-3197: Adding content to Development plan - search term disappears but is still applied

We have resolved an issue where search terms would occasionally vanish while exploring content to include in your development plan.

AR-3212: Scheduled report email incorrect for non-admins/reporting officers

Fixed an issue that would prevent users (not administrators or reporting officers) from accessing scheduled reports they were given access to.

AR-3278: Content link and session link placeholders

We've changed the {content_link} and {session_link} placeholders to hyperlink content name text rather than site name in payment confirmed and all live learning session emails.

AR-3566: Supervisor cohort is not getting updated

Fixed an issue where Supervisor Cohorts were not getting updated with new supervisors.

AR-3630: Momentum forms, not Autosaving

Fixed an issue that was causing Momentum forms to not automatically save.

AR-3678: Content API doesn't give custom fields for Live Learnings

Fixed an issue that was causing custom fields for Live Learnings to be left out of the Content API.

AR-3682: Bulk completions upload timeout

Fixed an issue that was causing the bulk completion upload to timeout when the file was large.

AR-3715: Average Rating for the feedback form rating question is wrong

When viewing a Feedback Form Report, the average rating for the rating question was calculated incorrectly. It will now calculate the proper average of the rating. 

AR-3719: Venue doesn't free up when the session is cancelled

Fixed an issue that was causing venues to not be made available when the session was cancelled.

AR-3761: Assessment completion rate incorrect

The assessment completion rate of your first assessment campaign would be overridden when sending out multiple campaigns. Now, the completion rate of one campaign will not affect other campaigns.

AR-3774: Dates not displaying on Firefox

Fixed an issue that was causing some dates in the system to not be displayed for Firefox users.

AR-3813: Allow Reporting Officer to be set for Page Content

Fixed an error that was being caused when an Administrator

AR-3834: Capability report page crashes when the reporter swapped tenancy

Fixed an issue that was causing the Capability Assessment reports to crash when the reporter was in a different tenancy to where the report was run. 


Hotfixes 🛠

AR-3841: API POST completion validation errors

Fixed an issue that was causing errors with the Completions API

AR-3931: Open Resource file changes not applied

Fixed an issue that was causing Open Resources to not have files updated when you uploaded a file with the same name as the previous file. 

AR-3929: Incorrect date format for Aus-based users

Fixed an issue that was causing American date formats (DD/MM/YYYY) to be displayed for some Australian-based users.

AR-3926: Report generation error

Fixed an issue that was causing some reports to fail to generate.

AR-3920: Email logs displaying the incorrect sent date

Fixed an issue that was causing all emails in the Email Log to appear to be sent in 1970

AR-3916: Unable to edit Stripe Payment Methods

Fixed an issue causing some Stripe Payment Methods from being modified. 

AR-3901: Compliance displaying NaN

Fixed an issue that was causing NaN to be displayed in date fields where records should have no date in the field. 


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