1.3.1 - 11 June 2023 1.3.1 - 11 June 2023

1.3.1 - 11 June 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.3.1 will be rolled out from Friday 9th — Tuesday 11th, June 2023

Release - 1.3.1

Changes ✨

AR-4111: Auto-enrolment into Subcourses

Originally announced in our 1.3.0 release.

Added an option for Subcourse activities for automatic enrolment. Turning this setting on will mean that when a user enrols into the parent course, they will automatically be enrolled into the Subcourse (if they weren't already). This will give the exact start date for a parent and subcourse. 

AR-3479: Archive completions option when changing completion criteria

Administrators used to be limited to keeping or removing the completions when updating content completion criteria. To allow for more flexibility, we have included an extra option to archive completions allowing a middle ground between keeping previous completions as they are and removing them entirely. Additionally, we've made a couple of UI tweaks to the window. 

AR-3977: Visual identifier in the catalogue for Hidden and Deactivated items

Finding deactivated or hidden content just got easier for admins! A small icon in the top left corner now indicates whether the content is deactivated or hidden.

AR-3978: Course enrolment custom Email toggles for Facilitators and Support Contacts

We've added an option in the Email Enrolees to forward the email to Facilitators and the Support Contact.

AR-3280: Course Management Workflow email templates for Courses and Live Learnings

Course Management Workflow email templates are now editable under Tenancy Management → Email Templates → Course Management Emails. The following templates have been added:

  • Course Refresher Reminder
  • Course Completion Expired
  • Course Due Date Reminder
  • Course Overdue

AR-3810: Improve Course logs

We have made enhancements to the course logs to provide more comprehensive events.


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3858: Catalogue filters are hidden under the footer before the content loads

Fixed a bug causing catalogue filters to appear under the footer if you tried to open the filters before the content loaded. 

AR-4133: Time Spent Field showing incorrect data

Fixed an issue in the User Report that was causing the Time Spent to be calculated incorrectly.


Hotfixes 🛠️

AR-4216: Schedule course/session emails disappearing

Fixed an issue causing scheduled course/session emails to disappear when an admin went to update the schedule but then cancelled the changes.

AR-4170: Unable to create Capability Framework

Fixed an issue preventing admins from creating a Capability Framework from scratch rather than using a template.

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