1.3.2 - 25 June 2023 1.3.2 - 25 June 2023

1.3.2 - 25 June 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.3.2 will be rolled out from Sunday 25th, June 2023

Release - 1.3.2

Changes ✨

AR-3485: Course/Live Learning Identification in Form Report

Added extra fields into the responses tab in the Form Report. You can now report on the following fields:

  • Event Name
  • Session ID
  • Session Date
  • Activity ID
  • Activity Name

AR-3888: Disable completion date filters when Show Not Completed is selected

When generating a completion report, it can be confusing to toggle the "Show Not Completed" option and then apply completed date filters, only to realise that incomplete content is not included in the results. To simplify this, if you toggle on "Show Not Completed", you cannot use completed date filters. 

AR-3889: Allow Reporting Officers to access the Course Overview Report

Added support for reporting officers to gain access to the Course Overview Report.

AR-4044: Notify Expression of Interest Upon Withdrawal

A new option has been added to events named "Notify Expression of Interest Upon Withdrawal". You can find this toggle in the Event Settings on Live Learnings. 

Toggling on this setting means that whenever a user withdraws from a full session, all users on the expression of interest will receive a notification email. This will also be sent when an administrator or facilitator withdraws a user from a full session.

AR-4127: Forward Registrant Emails to Facilitators and Support Contacts

We've added options to send Registrant Emails to Facilitators or Support Contacts. 

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3873: Course image cannot be removed

Fixed an issue preventing Course thumbnails from being able to be removed.

AR-4013: Video in homepage widget pausing itself

Fixed an issue causing Videos in homepage widgets to pause randomly. 

AR-4034: Open live learnings not displaying in Calendar

Fixed an issue causing Open Live Learnings not to be displayed in the calendar

AR-4069: Correct Learner Counter total for Live Learning

The learner counter shown in the catalogue on Live Learnings was counting anyone that looked at the Live Learning. We've fixed up the counter so that it counts learners who have registered in a session or started an activity. 

AR-4143: Capability - Interest Capabilities not updating

Fixed an issue when attempting to interest a Capability; it would not show as interested until you refreshed the page. 

Hot Fixes 🛠

AR-4264: Default Live Learning Certificates Error

Fixed an issue that was causing an error when a learner would try to download a certificate if the certificate was the default one.

AR-4106: AICC Package Launch errors

Fixed errors that were causing AICC Packages to open with a white screen or error page.

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