Release 1.3.3 - 9 July 2023 Release 1.3.3 - 9 July 2023

Release 1.3.3 - 9 July 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Zoom integration for Live Learning Sessions, new Momentum Widget & more!


Version 1.3.3 will be available from Sunday 9th, July 2023

Release - 1.3.3

What's New! 🎊

AR-4156: Zoom for Live Learning Integrations

The much-awaited Zoom integration is finally here! You can easily connect your Zoom account from the Integration Hub. This integration allows you to create Live Learning sessions with Zoom integrations as the Session Type. With this integration, you get the benefit to, 

  • Automatically generate Zoom Meetings and have invitation links to join sent automatically for new registrants. No more having to enter Zoom links manually!
  • Have learners join the Zoom Meeting via the invitation link and have their attendance marked automatically.

Find out more on how to configure this integration. Learn More

AR-3847: Momentum Widget - Pending Momentum Applications

Attention Momentum users! We are excited to announce a brand new widget that can be used on both the Homepage and Supervisor dashboards. This widget displays a list of pending applications that require the user to action. 

  • Great for supervisor dashboards to inform supervisors when a team member's performance and development plan requires their attention.
  • Let team members know when their applications have come back to them for updates! 

You also have a few settings available to tailor the widget for specific use cases or dashboards. 

  • Widget Title — Title your widget to give users greater context on what is listed.
  • Types of Applications Displayed — Choose between all pending, pending Applications that the user created or applications that were sent to them from others. 
  • Only Include Specific Momentums — Restrict the widget to only display applications from certain momentums!

Changes ✨

AR-4064: Live Learning Attendance Report - Update Chart

The Live Learning Attendance Report has updated its chart to our modern charting tool. With this upgrade,

  • You can now enjoy additional graph types such as Line Chart, Bar Chart, and Area, in addition to the existing Pie Chart.

  • Additionally, you can now access Pivot and Axis options, allowing for improved chart customisation.

  • To top it off, you can easily download the chart as an image.



AR-3713: Capability Gap Analysis Chart - Full Expand

Sometimes, when downloading the Capability Gap Analysis report chart, the image would appear cut off due to its display format. However, we have resolved this issue by providing an option to fully expand the chart area, ensuring that the downloaded image captures the complete chart.

AR-3869 Momentum - Form Ordering on Stage

Improved the ordering of forms on a stage for users' applications. It will now always display new forms at the bottom. Previously it could seem a bit random where a new form would be displayed. 

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-4031: Tags and Capabilities cut-off in the Content Preview

If a course or Live Learning has more than two rows of tags or capabilities, the following rows will be hidden. To address this, we have included tag counters for both. When clicked, it will show the complete list of tags or capabilities.

AR-4045: Catch error when a Subcourse points to content that has been deleted

Added better error handling when a Subcourse directs the learner to a deleted piece of content. 

AR-4063 SCORM Tracking - Date formatting on non-date fields

Fixed an issue that was causing some SCORM data in the SCORM Logs to appear as dates when they should be numbers.

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