Release 1.3.5 - 6 August 2023 Release 1.3.5 - 6 August 2023

Release 1.3.5 - 6 August 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Exporting course logs, enhancements to the Course Progress Report & more!

Version 1.3.5 will be available from Sunday 6th, August 2023


Release -  1.3.5

Changes ✨

AR-3966: Allow SCORM re-attempt options and improve language around review mode

We have improved the SCORM re-attempts feature for when a learner attempts to access a previously completed or failed activity.

  • Improved wording on the initial pop-up message to make it easier for learners to make their desired choice on whether to make a new attempt or go into review mode.
  • If a user is in review mode, the header displays larger red text that they are in review mode and their progress is not tracked. 

AR-3938: Exporting course logs

We've now added the option to export user and course logs as a CSV file!

2023-07-26 15.04.47.gif

AR-4075: Course Progress Report - Support for restricted activities

The Course Progress Report has been updated to show "NA - Cohort Restricted" for any activities that the learner is unable to access.

AR-4076: Acorn Capability Directory as a library template

We have included the Acorn Capability Directory as one of our available Capability Library Templates. This directory offers 19 capability sets, which include a total of 545 unique capabilities. You are free to choose the valuable ones for you and implement them in any department or organisation.

A few last-minute tweaks were made to the directory, so it is now in this release (instead of 1.3.4). 

AR-4179: Tenancy Swap users aren't seen when enrolling into a course

Facilitators can now enrol from users other tenants users onto a course where the course is available in that tenant and the facilitator has tenancy swap access to the tenant. 

AR-4221: Webhook APIs - Option for authentication

Added support for authentication for webhook events. This lets us parse a bearer token when posting data to your endpoint.

AR-4223: Increase preview PDF resolution

We've improved the quality of the in-system display of PDFs in Resources and Resource Activities. 

AR-4236 Add Tenancy support contact/Facilitators settings to a scheduled email list

Previously scheduled emails for enrolling in sessions or registering for events did not include options to CC the tenancy support contact or facilitators. However, these options have now been added.

AR-4296: Widget typography and icon consistency

The typography and font size of widget headers has been updated to create a more uniform appearance, along with the icons for the widgets.

AR-4313: NAB Transact payment integration - direct post integration

We have extended our support for NAB Transact by introducing a new Direct Post method, in addition to the existing API method.

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3877: Missing supervisor dashboard breadcrumbs

Added navigational breadcrumbs on all supervisor actions 

AR-4103: Reporting - schedule reports fail to run unless tenancy swap

Fixed an issue that was causing schedule reports not to run if the schedule owner was not inside the tenancy at the time of its running. 

AR-4121: Disable the secondary email feature from the profile icon

We noticed that editing the secondary email from the profile icon wasn't working properly. We have removed the option to edit the secondary email from the profile icon as a solution. However, users can still update their secondary email by going to their profile under My Learning.

*Requires Secondary Email feature to be enabled

AR-4208: View cohort users in the widget dashboard restriction interface

Fixed an issue where you could not search for users in a Cohort when viewing the cohort from the Widget Dashboard restriction interface. 

AR-4215: 'Welcome Back' on the first attempt at Onboarding Course

Onboarding courses were welcoming back first-time visitors as if they were here before! But don't worry, we fixed that issue. No more awkward welcome-backs.

AR-4235: Prevent deleting activities from removing related logs

Fixed an issue where some activity logs were deleted when the activity was deleted. All logs are now preserved. 

AR-4255: Update payment policy button not working

Fixed an issue where admins were unable to update the payment policy on payment methods.

AR-4306: CPD Point Start Month

Made the Training History PDF export clearer on when the CPD year ends. 

AR-4329: Change the Form Report Session Start and Session End to date format

Fixed date formatting on session start and end dates in the export of a Form report.

Hotfixes 🛠️

AR-4437: POST User Account - Notify issue

Fixed an issue that with the Notify property when it was false causing an error on the password entry. 

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