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When updating course titles, updates are made where the course is used as a pre-requisite

Megan C-S Megan C-S Implemented

Say Course A was a pre-requisite for Course B. But I updated Course A's title to Course A1. The title test of that course showing as pre-requisite in Course B will not currently update. It will still show as Course A even though when you click through the link it sends you to the updated course name Course A1.

Megan C-S
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  • Theo Lionis
    Official comment

    This is now available as part of our 1.2.0 release!

    The pre-requisite title will always match the title of the content itself. 

    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo
  • Theo Lionis

    Hi Megan, 


    Yep, this one looks like an issue. We'll get this fixed up, so stay tuned for a future release! 

    Keep an eye out for AR-3388.




    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo

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