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Enable deselect all in catalogue content type filter

Alicia Laub Alicia Laub Implemented

Currently the top level check box in the 'Content type' filter in the catalogue only works to select all categories, which are all selected by default anyway. Unfortunately clicking the box does not deselect all so you can just pick one type of content. Please fix so the box deselects all as well as selecting all.

Alicia Laub
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  • Theo Lionis
    Official comment

    This is now available as part of our 1.2.0 release!

    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo
  • Alicia Laub

    I just realised there is the single content type filters available below, but I still think if you want to select just a couple of content types, being able to deselect all would be useful.

    Alicia Laub
  • Theo Lionis

    Hi Alicia, 

    This is the feedback that we have heard from others as well, so just a heads up, this is something that we will change. 

    AR-3390 is the task number, so you can see when it will be available in a future release!



    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo

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