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Label reports with more information

Celeste Oliver Celeste Oliver Implemented

Past reports doesn't show any information about what content the reports has been generated about. This makes it hard to know what has been generated without clicking into the report. This is exacerbated by the long time it takes reports to run as you have to wait so long that you can't sit there and wait. When you return to it, if you've run multiple to find the one you want it gets really confusing. 

Today i ran 'form reports' for different content using the same form. The CSV contains no information about what content the form is from, nor does the reporting page. Unless you know what you requested at the time then the information/report is meaningless once generated. screenshot attached. 


More details and information in the reporting page would be really useful.

Celeste Oliver
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  • Theo Lionis
    Official comment

    Reports now have an expandable dropdown to show more information as part of our 1.2.1 Release!

    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo
  • Ulli Kohn

    Fully agree with Celeste, more information would be useful. I have a set of 8 scheduled reports that run on the 1st of the month, but the overview does not show any information on which report is which (eg. the name given to the scheduled reports when I created them).

    Ulli Kohn
  • Jess Allport

    Also agree - this would be useful to edit and manually name the reports

    Jess Allport
  • Theo Lionis

    Thanks everyone, for the feedback on this one, 

    We agree that the past reports page lacks a little detail to help you, and finding the right report can be a bit frustrating. 

    We are working on an expandable dropdown to show more detail about the report. This is similar to the report presets. The patch number for this is AR-3556, which you will find in an upcoming release. 

    Theo Lionis
    Product ManagerAcorn Logo

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