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Facilitator notifications - Restrict to groups

Regan M Regan M

We would like it if notifications for activity submissions that require grading could be limited by Groups.

For example, we currently have several courses that are run through singular course pages by multiple facilitators who teach the course individually (eg, A course is delivered by 3 different solo facilitators but they all use the same course page to run it). At present, every facilitator for the course receives a notification any time an activity submission is made that requires grading regardless of whether the submission is for a student in their Group.

As we already use Groups to assist facilitators in filtering submissions to show only their students, it would be beneficial for the Groups to also determine which facilitators receive a notification when a user submits their activity. Where a user isn't in a group, it would be reasonable for that notification to go to all facilitators.

Regan M
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