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Regan M
Gathering Feedback
It would be helpful to be able to restrict a discount code to one use per user. This could be relevant for both manual entry codes and auto-apply discounts.
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We would like it if notifications for activity submissions that require grading could be limited by Groups. For example, we currently have several courses that are run through singular course pages...
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Gathering Feedback
We would like the option to display 'Free' in the price field for the courses that we do not charge for in our e-commerce focused tenancy.
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It would be helpful for those users with tenancy swaps to be prompted to click on the tenancy they want to enter between logging into the system and getting to the homepage. The user would only see...
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An extra field for activities in the activity bank where the activity for information that only administrators can see. For example, we offer several courses on one topic that is delivered in sever...
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We would like to be able to configure our manually graded quizzes so that the user gets notified of their pass/fail status once grading is complete. For example, if a user fails a manually graded k...
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